Всероссийский коллоквиум по современным проблемам физики конденсированного состояния

21 октября 2021., 15:00 (МСК)
Проф. Михаил Игоревич ДЬЯКОНОВ,
Университет Монпелье, Франция
Институт Иоффе, Россия

Тема: Surface waves everywhere
Язык: RUS
By "surface waves" one means a special kind of waves that propagate at the interface between two different media. There exists a large variety of such waves, which are interesting on their own, and also have some practical importance. We will discuss phenomena related to such waves in condensed matter, as well as in other domains of physics.
   I will present a brief review of this vast subject, designed as an introduction to the field for non-specialists. We will be concerned with the physical picture and avoid math as strongly as possible (no differential equations!), as well as many interesting details. My own contributions to this field will be also presented.
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