PIK Research Reactor Put into Megawatt-Power Operation

В научном журнале издательства Taylor & Francis Online Neutron News вышла статья коллег В.В. Воронина, А.В. Гартвика, С.В. Гаврилова, С.В. Григорьева и др.

"PIK Research Reactor Put into Megawatt-Power Operation"

High-flux research reactor PIK has reached megawatt power. The reactor is undergoing the commissioning process divided into several stages, and it reached the power of 7 MW in March 2022. The reactor is designed to operate on extracted neutron beams, accommodating the first five neutron stations, which have already been used in test experiments. The value of the thermal neutron flux at the output of the PIK reactor’s Horizontal Experimental Channel No.10 (HEC-10) was measured by two independent methods. During the course of the reactor reaching 7 MW power, the integral neutron flux on the extracted neutron beam was measured. The spectrum of the extracted neutron beam is measured and presented.

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